Fine sand, palm trees and turquoise sea...

Lost East of Ambon, Kei Islands are unknown gems. Kei Besar – the Greater Kei is mountainous and jungle-covered, while Kei Kecil – the Small Kei is flat, coral, fringed with white sand long beaches. With us, you will discover Kei Kecil for an unforgettable journey of a few days. Endless beaches, turquoise sea, enchanting islands where snorkelling is a delight, rupestrian rock paintings, caves, villages still living with at the wind rhythm and legends still alive, you will dive into a unique world rarely visited. An excellent complement to the discovery of Ambon, the gateway to the Moluccas.

What brought us there...

The beaches, the sunsets, the calm, the magic of the villages and other places’ names...

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