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Hovering on jewel turquoise water, the Banda Islands are an incredible haven of serenity and beauty. However, they've had a rather turbulent past. These islands were envied and coveted for being the sole centre of nutmeg production in the 17th century. Rhun, one of the islands of this tiny archipelago, was even acquired by the Dutch in exchange for… Manhattan when the Treaty of Breda was signed, which ended the Second Anglo-Dutch War. Apart from Banda's historical importance, with relics such as forts, cannons, colonial buildings etc. as witnesses, there are other aspects to the Banda Islands, making them an unforgettable travel destination: a crystal clear sea full of breathtaking coral reefs easily observable while snorkelling; beautiful beaches where at best, you bump into one single fisherman; villages like frozen in time, whose charm and sweetness of life are almost unsurpassed; and of course, nutmeg plantations that have passed through History and its convulsions. Finally, the Banda Islands also host a still active and majestic volcano: wherever you are in the Archipelago, you will enjoy a glance to its perfect and smoking cone, slumbering on one eye as if it were the guardian of this paradise. From Banda Neira where you will stay, go to the discovery of Rhun, Neilaka, Ai, Lonthoir, Karaka, Syahrir or Hatta (named after two founders of modern Indonesia exiled by the Dutch colonialists); indulge yourself and try some nutmeg jam; let yourself be inspired by the whispers of History harboured by the centuries old stones of the forts, seduced by the tranquillity of the place, refreshed by the sweetness of the Banda Sea...

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