Practical information


  • Passport valid 6 months after date of return, at least two free pages
  • For stays up to 30 days, visa on arrival; from 31 to 60 days visa to be asked at the Indonesian Embassy in your country (for Switzerland: Single-entry Visa).


  • Recommended vaccines: hepatitis A, typhoid fever, diphtheria-tetanus
  • Vaccines against rabies and Japanese encephalitis bovine possibly suggested by your doctor, but not required
  • Prevention against malaria in certain areas (Mephaquine or Malarone, does not guarantee 100% protection)
  • Insect repellent (with DEET)


  • Local currency: Indonesian rupiah (IDR). 1$ =  ~ IDR 12,000
    (1 Coca Cola costs around IDR 5-10,000)
  • Change in banks or at Money Changer (better rates)
  • ATMs accept Mastercards or credit cards around (usually ~ 250$ max per withdrawal)
  • Credit cards widely accepted in 4* and above hotels and some restaurants

Contacts with the outside world

  • Mobile phone roaming almost everywhere
  • Local SIM card without compulsory registration
  • Internet in urban centres
  • Satellite phone in areas without signal