In-between two worlds

There is Asia and there is Oceania. And in the middle lies Sulawesi. Genuine island in-between two worlds, Sulawesi has seen its flora and fauna evolve in total isolation to incredible and unique forms. The rate of endemism is one of the highest in the world and nature offers almost unrivalled variations, which you can discover in a short time. Everything exhales exoticism and mystery in Sulawesi, up to the names of places and animal species: the Tangkoko Nature Reserve, the Togian islands, the babirussa (lit. pig deer), the tarsiers, the Sangihe Islands, Tomohon and its active volcanoes Lokon and Mahawu, Manado, Makassar... Considered as Top World dive locations, South East and North of Sulawesi harbour breathtaking reefs and drop-offs. But the Celebes, the English name of the island, is not just renowned for its particularly rich nature. Ethnic groups still celebrating centuries old rites can be visited and offer unforgettable immersion into some well preserved cultures. If there is one place in Eastern Indonesia not to be missed during a trip in the archipelago, it is Sulawesi...

What brought us there...

The faunal diversity and endemism, the coral reefs, the volcanoes, Toraja land, the paradisiacal islands...

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