Republik Indonesia

What is Indonesia?

There is not just one Indonesia, there are in fact many, just as many as there are provinces, regions and valleys… Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country in the world and the interpretation of Islam is moderate due to influences from Hinduism and Buddhism. Indonesia is also the largest archipelago on earth stretching over 5'000km and consisting of 17,000 islands and islets of which roughly a third are inhabited by some 240 million people. Not only is it an ethnological, religious, cultural, linguistic and culinary mosaic, it also boasts a nature rich and diverse like no other. When travelling in Indonesia, you have an unrivalled choice ranging from climbing volcanoes, discovering ethnic groups still cut off from the world, experiencing life in the midst of state of the art buildings, trekking in virgin forests, diving over the most beautiful and rich coral reefs in the world and gazing on the eternal snow. In addition, you can encounter flora and fauna from both the Asian and Oceanic continents while the area in between hosts a vast paradise of endemic species. Moreover, you can taste the local traditional ways of life, listen to their millennium old legends still alive, hunt with bow and arrows and relearn the simplicity of life. Prepared to be mesmerized by the grandeur of ancient temples and to revisit History as you set foot on a land so fertile that it is almost unreal.

Of course, we cannot claim that we will be able to make you discover ALL of Indonesia, there is still so much that we have to see ourselves. But by joining us, you can be assured that you will discover some aspects of this fascinating country in a very different way, on trails that no one or very few know, and by sharing the knowledge and experience we gained during many years spent travelling all throughout the country, photographing and filming it. Are you ready to go?

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