Selamat Datang di Badi Gaki*


In the middle of the jungle, 15min away from the Birds of Paradise’s hill, now stands the Badi Gaki Resort. Built by the inhabitants of Wakua only with materials from the forest, various trees for piles, planks and furniture, sago leaves and stems of sago leaves for roofs and shutters, rattan for ties, this resort is so integrated into the primary forest that from a cottage to another, it is almost impossible to see each other.

Restaurant Gobi Gobi, where all meals consist of fresh hunter's catch of the day, is the first building after crossing the bridge. Then, five bungalows, all enjoying an exceptional river view, strung along a trail lit with oil lamps at night. They offer simply outstanding luxury for a place like this: the room has a large bed covered by a mosquito net and the space available around, and the en suite bathroom with a shower a wooden sink and dry toilets. From the 6x2m terrace, you can see the jungle and listen to the soft rustling noise, comfortably lying in a hammock or seated in one of the rattan chairs... Staying in Badi Gaki Resort is like to dive into a peaceful haven close to nirvana. A unique and unforgettable experience…

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