Who are we?

Loïc Degen

In 1994, on a whim I take a flight to Kuala Lumpur, choose Malaysia as my travel destination. South-East Asia, the jungle, the wilderness... Four weeks alone and already the wish to go back as the discoveries were so unforgettable. After another trip to the Malay Peninsula in 1995, naturally, the choice of Indonesia as the next destination is evident. But off the beaten track and by trying to escape the other tourists, focusing on all I could do alone and where I would meet only the locals. Not always easy, compromise is inevitable and essential, but brings its share of discoveries too.

Over time, weeks, months, years spent there, through the multiple journeys, I became perfectly bilingual French-Indonesian, knowledge first used as a consultant working in ecotourism, to guide some of my relatives, and then to become an interpreter for the International Committee of the Red Cross. For two years, and then again since summer 2011 for short missions, a new facet of Indonesia is therefore offered to me, an ideal complement to my knowledge of the country, previously acquired through the eyes of a traveller. With the ICRC, I discovered the world of those who make the country and some that somehow “unmake” or try to “unmake” it.

With these two visions, I then immersed myself into the documentary films direction, which showed me that the management of a trip in terms of timing and logistics was a pleasure: the pleasure to create pleasure and always find a solution to anything.

My old desire to create a structure allowing me to bring people following my steps gradually surfaced. The meeting with Indonesian partners and the shared motivation of my long-time friend Miguel Garcia brought the little spark making this new adventure possible today.

The four years spent in Indonesia since August 2000 have shaped the person I am today. Now I feel the need to share these discoveries, this knowledge, these experiences ... The opening to the world starts with the opening up to each other and by sharing what life has given us. "Give, take, give, take," once wrote Blaise Cendrars, the Swiss author. The KASOAR TRAVEL journeys are one of the ways that I want to explore to give a little bit of everything I took…